Saturday, March 2, 2013


Paper Iron Man Mark VI has to be one of the toughest paper figures I have made! I used reflective paper and foam for layering. This was also made for a friend, and I would like to thank her again for her support!

There are a lot of cool features to this paper figure. The face plate moves up and down to reveal Tony Stark's face. The palm repulsors open up by sliding a tab on the bicep to turn it black and silver. On the back pack, the back fins open up to reveal another set of fins and then the mechanics inside the pack. I had to construct a special frame to hold Iron Man in place so that the front and back details can be seen (pictures  below). I also included a special feature on the frame! On the front and back I have created a blueprint/transparency of Iron Man to show case special parts, energy levels, weaponry, and so forth as though it was displaced in a case of the Hall of Armor. I have said enough! I'll let the pictures do all the talking now! Once again, this was a very fun and challenging project! Thank you again and enjoy.

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