Saturday, March 2, 2013


Paper Iron Man Mark VI has to be one of the toughest paper figures I have made! I used reflective paper and foam for layering. This was also made for a friend, and I would like to thank her again for her support!

There are a lot of cool features to this paper figure. The face plate moves up and down to reveal Tony Stark's face. The palm repulsors open up by sliding a tab on the bicep to turn it black and silver. On the back pack, the back fins open up to reveal another set of fins and then the mechanics inside the pack. I had to construct a special frame to hold Iron Man in place so that the front and back details can be seen (pictures  below). I also included a special feature on the frame! On the front and back I have created a blueprint/transparency of Iron Man to show case special parts, energy levels, weaponry, and so forth as though it was displaced in a case of the Hall of Armor. I have said enough! I'll let the pictures do all the talking now! Once again, this was a very fun and challenging project! Thank you again and enjoy.

Quick Update!

It's been a while since I have posted! I am very sorry. I have paper figures and drawings to post up for the next couple days. Here's a quick update on whats been happening =)

First of all, I want to thank all my fans and supporters to push me to succeed in my art dreams!

Just like the title, paper Iron Man Mark VI and Storm Trooper are complete, packaged and shipped out to my friend =). They received it and are very happy how they turned out. Iron Man has to be the most intricate craft I have made to date. BUT, I do plan on making some more with more updates and features!

January 30th was my girlfriend's birthday and I made her some wonderful gifts! Got her some cupcakes from Baked by Melissas (NYC) the came in nice and moist! For her gift, I made a framed picture of Totoro under  an umbrella and the two of us standing next to him in the rain. On the back of the frame I attached a small music player with the Totoro theme song recorded in it. Second gift, was a card of Rilakkuma holding turtle and turtle is holding tofu. Turtle actually opens up and there's a message inside of that! After the presents we had a nice dinner at Beehive and had the GREATEST CHOCOLATE DESERT EVER! It was a fun night with good food and music.

For ThreeA preorder fanart, I have some pieces done for the Action Portable Monday: TQs, MIM (Meat is Murder), and the WWRp EMGY Grunt. These will be posted as soon as I can =)

I also did a special paper figure as a gift to a friend, John (Gaijin) that has been sharing my work with people.  I will post that figure later when he receives it.

I hope you guys will enjoy them!

Paper Storm Trooper Complete

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a long time! I have tons of updates to do!

First, I would like to thank all my fans, friends, family, and supporters of my work. You guys are helping me accomplish my dreams to succeed to art!

Here is the first part of a commission I did for a friend. (Part 2 is the paper Iron Man Mark VI!). Everything was packaged and sent out and they loved it! Thank you again guys! 
This was my first time experimenting with using foam for layers and it turned out great! It gave the figure a lot of depth especially since Storm Trooper wore armor. The helmet is removable, but I did not make face for him. On the back of his belt, there is a gun holster with a removable laser gun. The gun can fit in either one of his hands. Hope you guys enjoy!
Paper Storm Trooper Packaging Label. I did some Photoshop and  a small drawing of the storm trooper helmet.