Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29/2012 - ThreeA Preorder Release Krote!!

Kermit the Krote!
-"Krote" means frog! This is a character designed by Kow Yokoyama for the Maschinen Kreiger (<- a link to the wiki page!) series, VERY AWESOME! We did a fan art and thought hey what Kermit is a frog! We fused the two characters together and came up with this baby! --> "Kermit the Krote"! haha Enjoy!!! -

ps: NOM 4 paper figure is coming!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nom de Plume

-This character was done for the 4th Anniversary of ThreeA's operations. It its their iconic character, Nom De Plume! I thought it was pretty cool to use different colors to color him him and I'm quite happy how he turned out (the top drawing). The one below was a quick fun sketch! I did not get a chance to make a paper figure of this character, but he is on my list of to do's! 
- If you guys are interested threeA wiki has a lot of information about the different stories! 


- First paper art to come! I did this piece for the KDA preoder sale from ThreeA. This little guy is known as KDA who is part of the Tomorrow Kings. He is the body guard for the boy band TKYO. This character is designed by an award winning and inspiration artist Ashley Wood. With his collaboration with ThreeZero, they created ThreeA (a designer/vinyl/art/toy company) which built its own culture of fans and artwork. Mr. Wood and Kim (ThreeA founders) has given us such an awesome hobby! I wish one day to be able to have my own name other there too! Enjoy and more to come! -

-This is a paper figure done by my little brother Andrew. Initial sketch done on paper, final tweaks and touches done on the computer on MS Paint. He is very talented kid! He has many more surprises to show in the future!