Monday, October 28, 2013

Project paper Mario has been initiated.

Here is a few teaser pictures of paper Mario project. This is the first of the 3 I will be making. The first one is the pixel Mario from Mario 1. There is a total of 27 layers and it is about 2 inches thick. I made 4 copies of this piece. Stay tune for more updates! Please LIKE and follow our facebook page at chanimation brothers and follow our instagram at

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sneak Peek

Hey guys, some sneak peek pictures of 3 projects I am about to finish up. They will be revealed very soon. So stay tune!

Paper TK (Tomorrow King) EDO 1 + 2 for the TKlub #3 figure set

Paper TK EDO 1+2 (character by Ashley Wood and 3A)

This paper figure set comes with 2 TK EDO (Black and White), 1 mini Gatling gun, 1 ammo chain, 4 katanas, and 4 grenades. The paper figures are framed in a long double glass/wood frame with decals on the sides that say "POPBOT" and "TOMORROW KINGS" If you guys want to see more pictures, please visit out facebook page at or click here Paper TK EDO to go directly to the paper TK EDO. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Chanimation Brothers are back!

Hello everybody! Sorry I have not updated this blog for the longest time. I have been posting my work on facebook instead. I've decided to continue to post some pictures here but, if you want to see more you will have to go to So please follow us there as well. I've also started a Pinterest page I am still new to that so I will try to update that as well. And lastly, we have a instagram page where I put up a lot of teaser shots of work in progress projects at Alright enough talk, lets see the real work =)

Paper Dead Easy Corps and Potato Commander (actual character and name is by Ashley Wood and ThreeA (3A)) - each zomb has its own specific face and weapon. Potato Commander, the one with the mask, has an actual face underneath that looks like the first zomb (the one with 1 arrow on the helmet) More Pictures of Paper Dead Easy Corps and Potato Commander (follow this link to see more pictures!)

Paper Dead Astronaut Gansta (DAG) from the Adventure Kartel series (character by Ashley Wood and ThreeA (3A))
-This piece features a skeleton character inside a astronaut suit. It comes with 2 removable pistols that can be held in his hands or in the gun pouch, and a light up helmet! This is the first time I used electronics in my work. I still need to practice on that. More pictures of Dead Astronaut Gansta

I will start off with those 2 and continue to post the rest as time comes. Again please follow our other social network sites for updates and future projects. Thank you!

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