Friday, April 26, 2013

Paper Adventure Kartel: MUMBS

Hey guys, here's a small fanart/ project my brother (Andrew) and I did for the preorder night of the AK MUMBS from the ThreeA series, Adventure Kartel. ThreeA Wiki has information of the story line and characters if you are interested in it. This one was very fun to make. We dyed some old t shirt sleeves and ripped it up to make the wrapping for MUMBS. Then, we used card stock to make the body, tank, and tubes of MUMB and wrapped him up.  I also did a quick sketch for the character line. Hope you guys enjoy!

Paper Boba Fett

Hey guys, its been a while since I've updated. I have been working on some projects that have taken up a lot of my time. Just a quick note, I do accept commissions if you are interested. I will make a separate post about this. I was also thinking of submitting some of my work on the kidrobot forums if any of you are interested or have ideas let me know and check it out!

Here is a paper Boba Fett I made for my friend John who has been showing my work to his friends. It was sent out as a surprise and I know Mr. Fett has a good home.

Paper Boba Fett came with a rifle that fits on either hands, 4 tools that he can hold or store in the pocket compartments on the legs of his pants, and a removable back pack. The back pack hides a lot of the detailing I put in the back with is a bummer, but I wanted to make it cool, (hopefully my friend notices it). I also made a special sketch on the packaging. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, I will continue to update more as I go!