Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EMGY Grunt Version 1

Another quick post on some work I did for a ThreeA F5 Preorder event. This time the character is known as Grunts from the World War Robot (WWR) series. The grunts were the low rank soldiers who received very little training for battles. You can check out Threeawiki for more background story on the grunts/types/story line. Hope you enjoy this one. This paper EMGY Grunt figure comes with a backpack, rifle, shotgun, pistol, and a riot shield. All weapons can be posed with the figure and stored away.

Here is a bonus ink/sharpie/paper cutout work I did for the pre order night. I had a lot of fun with this style of drawing. I made a couple of other Grunt drawings I will post later on. 

Front: Shot gun is held by the hand and there is also a riot shield
Back: Another gun can be stored under the belt

Riot Shield close up

Angle front view of EMGY Grunt. The pistol holster is located right in his chest

Removable back pack that has pockets to store guns.

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