Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Art Commission!

 My very first art commission! (that actually went through)! My girlfriend's friend had asked me to make her an origami Totoro as a present for her friend. Instead of origami, I decided to do another form of paper art that I was more experienced and familiar with. (Very similar to what I have been doing with my ThreeA characters.) I produced a sketch of Totoro and labeled the colors I would be using. Totoro is made with all scrapbook paper and some foam to  give it a 3-D look. I also modified the RIBBA IKEA picture frame with some cardboard for the corners and black poster board for the frame. (Measured at 7/8 of an inch) I made a small mistake on the border. Next time I will measure it more precise and accurately. I also got my hands on some crazy glue that made this SO MUCH easier! Electrical tape  was used to attach the back cover to the frame, because the anchor support was no longer there. Overall, I am very happy and excited with this piece. I will definitely be a lot cleaner the next time I make one. This is my very first attempt and it came out better than I had expected. Once again, this is another one of my works I have a hard letting go. But, I know its going to a super Totoro fan and I'm happy I'll have a well deserved home. And I also want to thank my girlfriend and Mylinh for supporting my work!

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