Thursday, December 20, 2012

Annie and Dave, Hackathon, Shogun

There will be A LOT of pictures in this post! 

1)  Last Saturday, 12/15/2012 was my girlfriend and I had to say good bye to two very wonderful and good friends moving out of state, Annie and Dave. We attended DJ Tsunami's (Dave) show at East Meet West with his band "Educate the Antidote." (They are a local Boston band that you should DEFINITELY check out!). We had drinks and played darts at the Republik. Also, we had a late night run to iHop just like the old times when we were in UMD. I really miss those days, but most importantly I miss two very fun, awesome friends! For a surprise, my girlfriend and I made a present! The gift is a special one, I do not make these very often! (there's only 2 in the world at the moment! (my love, Vy, has the very first one!) There's a wheel on the outside that can be turned that will make Elmo's and Cookie Monster's head move up and down! Under the Elmo and Cookie Monster head is our friends: Annie and Dave (its their favorite character!) There's also a card with a before and after picture, and also Dave's cool shirt we made in Sophomore year. The "After" picture was my first photoshop attempt and it came out cheesy haha. (I will post the picture once I filter them out)

2) Hackathon! This was a very fun event held at East Meet West Book store Monday 12/17/2012 to make toys for children! We had to assemble a puzzle kit together that included: decorated box, 7 shapes, instructions, and 2 puzzle sheets. It was a lot of fun meeting new people, and actually being hands on making these toys for children! I would definitely do it again! My girlfriend and I worked mostly on sanding and clean the shapes. After about an hour of that we decided to decorate some boxes! We were inspired by Annie and Dave and made Cookie Monster and Elmo! I hope this will put smiles on some lucky kids! I definitely would love to do this again next year!

3) ThreeA Shogun Preorder Release! 12/20/2012
I send out 2 fanart for this drop! This was the first drop I've attended where Ashley Wood popped in and said there will be an art contest where three winners will win a weather Rothchild figure! This was so cool! But, I did not win this one...its ok, Andrew and I still one the PuddingBoss contest! anyways here are our submissions. The second one has a poem that Andrew wrote that is actually very good, which I incorporated into my drawing. I am very proud of his work! 

<-- This one I made when I first heard about the Shogun coming out! It has a removable helmet and sword. His real name is Gorei and this one actually took the most time for me to make! I was very excited to finally be able to show this off to the ThreeA Legion.
<- I did this drawing on the Sketchbook Pro App on the Ipad. His name is Shiho, the 4th member of the Seven Bones clan put together to protect Punk King. I was very happy with the coloring in this one, especially in the armor. Once I was done, I included Andrew's poem and had him sign the picture on the bottom. Brother Team Work right here!

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